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Dean's Office

Chief Operating Officer

Walter L. Douglas, Jr.

(973) 972-4538

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Michael J. Petti
(973) 972-8142

Marketing and Communications

LaCarla Donaldson, Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator
(973) 972-1216/4564

   James A. Boyce, Director
   (973) 972-7723

NJMS Facilities, Planning, and Management
Pamela Edwards
Interim Director of Facilities
(973) 972-3319

Power Outage Information

Power Failure

Laboratory Power Profile

Power Profile - Proactive approach to power outage

Clinical Affairs

Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Dr. Justin Sambol
(973) 972-1818

Medical Staff Office

Office of Managed Care
(973) 972-4908

Risk Management/Malpractice
Ron DeVos
(973) 972-6172

David Keller
(973) 972-6178

University Physician Associates (UPA)

Faculty Affairs

Faculty Handbook

NJMS Finance

David Roe, Associate Dean and CFO
(973) 972-1412


Room Reservations

Dean’s Conference Room (C‐677)
Keith Bratcher
(973) 972‐4538

Admissions Conf. Room (Cā€654)
Lisa Houston
(973) 972ā€4631

Rosemary Gellene Room (B‐515)
Noreen Gomez
(973) 972‐4795

Lecture Halls (B‐552, B‐556, B‐610);
Grand Foyer (B & C Levels);
Labs, & other NJMS Classrooms

Victor Marques

On Line Request

NJDS Oral Health Pavilion,
B‐ 554 (Lecture Hall), MSB C‐600

Dental School Dean’s Office
(973) 972‐4633

NJMS/UH Cancer Center Rooms
Diane Wheeler
(973) 972‐3558

NJMS ICPH Building
Tinia Davis
(973) 854‐3106

Room Setup and Cleanup Requests:

Graduate Medical Education

Dr. Neil Kothari
Associate Dean for GME
(973) 972-6049

Office of Research

Deborah A. Lazzarino, PhD

Assistant Dean for Research

(973) 972-1591 

Responsible Conduct of Research

Research Ombudsperson

Office of Education

Dr. Sangeeta Lamba
Associate Dean for Education
(973) 972-4823

Dr. Sophia Chen
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

(973) 972-4823

Denise Epps
Program Administrator
(973) 972-4823

Student Programs


Medical Student Affairs

Phone Directories

Directory of Department Administrators

Directory of Dean's Office Staff

Rutgers Foundation





Central Administration

President's Office
(848) 932-7454

Emergency Management

Steven Keleman
(848) 932-4879

Incident Response - Faculty

Incident Response - Students


Payroll, Account Payable, Grants and Contracts

(732) 235-9123

George F. Smith Library

(973) 972-4580

Human Resources

Collective Bargaining Agreements


Staff Handbook

Office of Workplace Diversity 

Office of International Services


Faculty Handbook


Leave of Absence

Information Services And Technology Help Desk

(732) 743‐3200

International Services Department

Immigration services for international Students, Faculty and Staff

Urmi Otiv, Director for the Center of GlobalServices
(973) 972-6138

Asenath Dande, Associate Director,
(973) 972-6138

Logistical Services

Transportation, Mail Service, Shipping, & Receiving

(973) 972-4573

Legal Management

Legal Management
(973) 972-4705

Patents & Licensing
Vince Smeraglia, Esq.
(732) 235-9356

Office Of Compliance And Corporate Integrity

Deborah L. Carlino
NJMS Senior Compliance Officer
(732) 743-3344

Physical Plant


Room setups, Housekeeping, Parking

(973) 972-1500

Start a Work Order

Policy And Project Management

Anu Motiwala, Director
(848) 932-7434

Public Safety

ID badges and Keys
Emergency Notification Pamphlet

(973) 353-5111

Emergency  (973) 972-4490
Non - Emergency (973) 972-4491


(732) 235-9001 

Purchasing Guidelines

Printing Services

Rutgers Foundation(Fundraising)

(848) 932-7777

University Advancement and Communications

News Service; Marketing & Communications; Publications; Logo Web; etc...

(848) 932-7500

The University Hospital

Main Number: 973-972-6000

Important Phone Numbers 


If you have any suggestions/ideas to improve this webpage, please contact:


Iveth Mosquera, MPA
Project Manager
Office of the Dean
Office: (973) 972-2498