Beyond NJMS

Our Mission

Our mission is to select a talented and diverse class of students who vigorously contribute to and care for the school community and society as a whole. In selecting candidates we give balanced consideration to a range of attributes such as academic excellence, life experiences, resilience, personal growth and maturity; as well as various other dimensions such as socioeconomic status, languages spoken, gender, race and ethnicity. Qualities of integrity, humanism, and passion are considered as these factors may influence an applicant's potential to succeed in medical school and are critical to their growth as physician-leaders.


Our students influence the future of medicine. An actively engaged admissions committee ensures that the students we accept are not only academically accomplished but also personally qualified to be effective, compassionate physicians of the 21st century. Our students engage in a rigorous academic program that integrates classroom learning and clinical experience from the beginning of the first year. Students also have ample opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research with our faculty and hone their clinical skills through a multitude of community outreach programs. As part of the nation's largest health sciences university, we offer the benefits of a large institution while at the same time fostering a cohesive student body among each class of 170 students.