Research Support Staff

The Cancer Center Research Support Office offers full adminsitrative, IT, research operations and facilities support for the laboratories of the NJMS Cancer Research Center. All research operations are managed through this office including faculty recruitment, hires, visas, purchasing and procurement, graduate and post-doctoral training programs, course development and curriculum, the Cancer Education Summer Program, seminar series and events, management of core facilities and shared equipment, grant support, website and database managment and desktop support.


DianeDiane Wheeler
Program Administrator
NJMS Cancer Center H1206
Tel (973) 972-3558
Fax (973) 972-2668

Diane serves as the Program Administrator for the Cancer Center Research Facility and in this role supports faculty recruitment, visas, hiring, facility and operation budgets, events, and planning. Diane serves as the Executive Assistant to the Director and is involved in all aspects of the daily administration of the Cancer Center to support its research mission.


Tinghui Hu, Ph.D.
Supervisor, Tissue Culture Core Facility
NJMS Cancer Center H1230
Tel (973) 972-6862
Fax(973) 972-2668

Tinghui manages the shared tissue culture facility and the central glass wash and autoclaving facility, in addition to maintaining general research facility equipment and operations including the central temperature, CO2 and liquid nitrogen monitoring systems. He also serves as the research facility's lab safety officer and fire warden. For more information about the Tissue Culture core facility, click here.


Han WuHan Wu, M.S.
Programmer Analyst II
NJMS Cancer Center H1220
Tel (973) 972-9623

Han manages the research computing and development of IT resources at Office of Research, Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, and New Jersey Cancer Center. He oversees the development, operations and infrastructures of various frameworks, platforms, web applications and databases pertaining to IT solutions to supporting and facilitating basic sciences and clinical research.