Student Sight Savers

  Student Sight Savers


The NJMS chapter of Student Sight Savers is looking forward to expanding its membership and introducing a variety of activities in the coming year.  We aim to help eliminate preventable eye disease through vision screenings and education.  In advancing that cause, our mission is two-fold: to educate our peers and to serve our community.  For our first goal, we have organized the Introduction to Ophthalmology elective that exposes medical students to the field while underlining the need for charity eye care both locally and internationally.  to further our second purpose, we collect glasses to donate to community members with vision deficits secondary to uncorrected refractive error.  We are also directly involved in the community through the Telemedicine Outreach Program Services (TOPS) at Rutgers.  Looking ahead, we hope to establish a Student Sight Saver Program at NJMS, which would provide us with more equipment and funding to screen our local community for vision-threatening diseases.  We are eager to work with other organizations and are open to any new ideas!


Professionals Student Sight Savers work with:

  • Ophthalmology Department Faculty

    • Dr. Neelakshi Bhagat
    • Dr. Mohammed Dastjerdi
    • Dr. Robert Fechtner

    • Dr. Albert Khouri
    • Dr. Rudolph Wagner
    • Dr. Roger Turbin
    • Dr. Ben Szirth
    • Dr. Marco Zarbin
  • Ms. Sejal Dave of the Sankara Eye Foundation

  • Mrs. Anne Clemens of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus

Community Organizations Student Sight Savers work with:

  • Telemedicine Outreach Program Services (TOPS)

    • Dr. Ben Szirth
    • Dr. Albert Khouri
  • Sankara Eye Foundation

Major Events Student Sight Savers runs:

  • Introduction to Ophthalmology Non-credit Elective

  • Community vision screenings with TOPS


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ben Szirth

Co-chairs: Neil Patel (; Lesley Wu (; Miguel Rosado (; Sofia Gilels (
Miguel Rosado (