Wellness Tips

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to experience a wide range of emotions. Whether you are serving on the frontlines or supporting the school by working from home, taking the time to rest and de-stress is critical for maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Below you’ll find some helpful tips for “coping with COVID.” 

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Video: Take a Virtual Getaway to the Alps

Need to escape for a little while? Take a beautiful virtual aerial voyage through the Alps in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany by watching drone footage of these stunning landscapes.

Parenting During the Pandemic

Balancing childcare, remote learning and the responsibilities of work and daily life during COVID-19 has proven to be a challenge for parents across the globe. Check out this article by the American Psychological Association for tips on how to cope.

Video: Sunset Meditation

As you wind down at the end of the day, take a moment to listen to the calming sound of the waves lapping across the shore in La Manzanilla, Mexico.

How to Talk to Kids About Race

Many children may be grappling with fear and uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19 and the disturbing cases of police brutality around our country. To help your kids cope, please check out these resources from the American Psychological Association for guidance on providing uplifting communication to children about race.

Video: Watch the Earth Rise from the View of the Moon

Studies have shown that those who can take "a long view" on things that happen in their lives are more adaptive. Looking to change your perspective? Start by checking out this short clip of the JAXA probe (Kayuga) orbiting the Moon in 2008, capturing the Earth rise.

Video: Virtual Nature Walk

Stressed out? Try taking a brisk walk and getting some fresh air. If you can't get outside today, check out this 4+ hour nature walk on YouTube, listen to the birds chirp and get lost in the beautiful scenery.

Video: Time-lapse Film of the Milky Way

Having trouble sleeping? Take a journey through the night sky by watching this time-lapse film of the Milky Way, created by the Yosemite Channel – Barry Chall Films.

Take a Break with ‘BeautifulNow’

When we observe beautiful things, we experience a sense of calm and wonder. Check out “BeautifulNow,” a great online resource for appreciating the beauty in our world.

Video: Durham Medical Orchestra Plays Stress-Reducing Tunes

Classical music is an instant stress-reducer. Watch this virtual recording performed by the Durham Medical Orchestra, a musical group comprised of medical professionals.

Visit National Parks with Google Earth

Missing the great outdoors? Take a virtual tour of any National Park in the country with Google Earth.

Video: Virtual Sunset Beach Walk

Youtuber Luis Carvajal shares a virtual 20-minute walk along the beach in Bahía, Brazil.

Video: Hindsight is 2020

Having a hard time looking on the bright side? Watch Tom Foolery’s inspiring bedtime story for a reminder of how this pandemic has brought us all closer together.

Coping Skills Made Simple by Healthline

An NJMS student-submitted resource: This Healthline quiz offers customized coping skills based on the emotional, physical, situational, or relational stressors you may be experiencing right now.

Video: Students Share Messages of Hope

The Parkway School District in St. Louis, MO had one question for students on the first day of the 2016 school year: “What is your hope?” Watch as they write their inspiring responses on a chalkboard.

Video: Being Comfortable with Being Alone

Learning to be alone in a healthy way is very important. Check out this video to learn four easy ways to acquire this skill.

Virtual Museum Tours

A number of museums are now offering online access to their galleries, including the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Click the link for a virtual tour.

VIDEO – How to Doodle and De-Stress

Research has shown that doodling can reduce anxiety, while improving your attention span and learning capacity. Check out this video for an example of how to turn a simple line into a work of art.

Video: A Message of Hope During COVID 19

“The world can spin so fast, that we forget to think about our place within it.” Staying optimistic during times of crisis is key. Watch this short film on finding hope amidst the chaos of COVID-19.