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Scholarly Activity/Research

Residents are supported by the department in travel to the SAEM Annual Conference (EM-2s) and ACEP Scientific Assembly (ACEP) to further their learning and to support their scholarly work.

Further, residents and faculty in Emergency Medicine are actively involved in a variety of projects. These span Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) and more in-depth research projects.

Expectations for resident involvement with QA/QI and reserarch projects is per the timeline below. All projects are supervised by a faculty mentor and overseen by the department's Research Committee. A selection of our department's recent publications is presented below too.

  • EM-1
    • Work on EM-2 driven QA/QI project
  • EM-2
    • Create and run a new QA/QI project
  • EM-3
    • Complete/follow-up on QA/QI project...especially the QI component
    • Optional: Generate, develop and execute research project (may be initiated prior to the EM-3 year)
  • EM-4
    • Complete above projects as best as possible

Residents are supported for travel related to pre-approved presentations of their scholarly work at regional/national conferences.

Below is a selection of our current faculty and residents' recent peer-reviewed publications. In addition to these, our faculty and residents have significant other scholarly activities including abstracts, invited presentations and online works.

1: Goett R, Todd KH, Nelson LS. Addressing the Challenge of Emergency Department
Analgesia: Innovation in the Use of Opioid Alternatives. J Pain Palliat Care
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Aug 19. PubMed PMID: 27541623.

2: Motov SM, Nelson LS. Advanced Concepts and Controversies in Emergency
Department Pain Management. Anesthesiol Clin. 2016 Jun;34(2):271-85. doi:
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3: Sánchez JP, Poll-Hunter NI, Acosta D. Advancing the Latino Physician
Workforce-Population Trends, Persistent Challenges, and New Directions. Acad Med.
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Committee Writing Group. Assessing Emotional Suffering in Palliative Care: Use of
a Structured Note Template to Improve Documentation. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2016
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Directives in the Electronic Medical Record for Older Patients Admitted From the
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