Intern Retreat

This is half day session is held in the spring of the intern year. Expect team building exercises, followed by various small group workshops on topics such as "How to effectively teach and evaluate students," “Tips on becoming an effective team leader” and "How to effectively complete a full admission given the particularities of each of our hospitals.




The Mini-CEX is an educational experience where interns demonstrate their clinical skills on standardized patients. The sessions are recorded, and are available to the residents for later review and critique. This half-day session helps train interns on the techniques needed to take a proper history and perform a physical exam.




Fellowship Workshop

Residents have the opportunity to discuss the fellowship application process with a panel of experts. The workshop provides advice regarding construction of the CV, tips for interviews, and small groups focused on specific fellowships with attendings and/or fellows from the medical sub-specialties.




Suturing Workshop


One of the goals of the NJMS Internal Medicine Residency program is for residents to develop hands-on medical skills they can use in the "real world." To that end, we have developed a suturing workshop taught by the Emergency Medicine residents and faculty that provides instruction on basic suturing skills. Residents are taught how to choose suture materials, how to prep a would for suturing, how to perform basic suturing using instrument ties, and how to identify which wounds require more highly experienced intervention.



Mock Codes

In order to build confidence in ACLS skills, all interns go through a Mock Code exercise prior to starting their PGY-2 year. This exercise ensures that interns advancing to their senior years have acquired knowledge, confidence, and practice in running Code Blues. ACLS protocol is reviewed regularly throughout the year, and residents have the opportunity to practice running codes with ACLS instructors on mannequins during their months at University Hospital.



Procedure Night

Interns and residents are invited to an evening workshop where various common procedures such as paracentesis, central line placement, arthrocentesis, and lumbar puncture are reviewed. Participants have the opportunity to practice their technique and receive hands-on instruction using our many anatomical mannequins.