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September, 2019

Dr. Parveen Receives Historic NIH Grant to Study Co-Infections with Tick-borne Pathogens

A grant totaling $1.56 million was recently awarded to Nikhat Parveen, PhD, associate professor in the department of microbiology, biochemistry and molecular genetics at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.The grant represents the first and only NIH grant awarded to study the impact of co-infections with Borrelia burgdorferi, and a malaria parasite-like pathogen, Babesia microti that cause Lyme disease and babesiosis, respectively. A significant increase in co-infections with these two tick-borne pathogens is an emerging problem throughout the Northeastern United States, including in New Jersey. Dr. Parveen noted that the pathogens present a serious healthcare concern, because co-infected patients show more intense and diverse symptoms that persist for longer durations. Learn more about Dr. Parveen's research.


Common myths about mosquitoes

In light of recent reports of a rise in mosquito-borne diseases, Dr. Vivian M. Bellofatto debunks common myths about mosquitoes, and sheds light on what NJMS researchers are doing to "fight the bite" Click here to watch the full video on Youtube


August, 2019


April, 2019

  • Carolyn Suzuki gave an invited talk at the NASA Workshop in Galveston, TX.
  • Venkatesh Sundararajan and Carolyn Suzuki published a paper in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.
  • Nikhat Parveen published a paper in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.
  • The Fogarty International Training Grant by Jerry Ellner and Padmini Salgame (PIs) has been funded. Dr. Nikhat Parveen is a Co-Investigator.


July, 2019

Welcome Dr. Vasileios Petrou, our new Assistant Professor and Chancellor Scholar!


May 22, 2018


"Nikhat Parveen, Ph.D., a Lyme Disease researcher at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, speaks at a press conference on New Jersey's high number of Lyme disease diagnosis. Standing behind her, Left to Right: U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, NJ Health Commissioner Shereef Elnahal, and Dr. John Halperin, chief of neurosciences at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ.(Photo: Staff) " Read full media coverage


March, 2018


Nikhat Parveen, Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics has received a research supplement totaling over $160,000 to promote diversity in Health-Related Research. This award will support the research of a dynamic postdoctoral fellow of the Parveen Lab, Shekerah Primus. This 2-year funding is a supplement to Dr. Parveen’s $2.95 million International Collaboration on Infectious Diseases Research U01, a 5-year grant from National Institutes of Health, to research the mechanisms involved in congenital syphilis, a major problem in Peru and other developing countries of the world where prenatal care is insufficient. This work will also help identify and develop novel vaccine candidates to prevent this devastating disease.


November 19, 2017




2018 Dr. Parveen - Received a research supplement totaling over $160,000 to promote diversity in Health-Related Research

2017 Dr. Bellofatto - Named fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

2017 NJMS Faculty Awards: Dr. Birge - Mentoring Award, Dr. Modak -Distinguished Career

2016 Dr. Bellofatto - Faculty of the Month, Group on Women In Medicine and Science (GWIMS), New Jersey Medical School
2015 Dr. Parveen - Receives $2.95 Million NIH Grant
2015 Dr. Parveen - Excellence in Research Award from NJ Health Foundation
2013 Dr. Howells - GSBS Foundation Excellence in Research Award
2013 Dr. Kotenko - Foundation of UMDNJ Excellence in Research Award
2012 Dr. Batish - Receives 2012 NIH Director's Early Independence Award
2011 Dr. Parveen - Awarded $1.7 Million for Lyme Disease Research


2014 Outstanding PhD. - Ganapathy Sriram - Faculty Organization announces its 2014 Outstanding Student Awardees:
2013 Tanya Seth Christakos Young Investigator Award Vitamin D Workshop
2013 Tanya Seth Christakos Dr. Joseph Fu Award
2013 Ran Wei Christakos President's Award for Outstanding Poster Presentation Amer. Society for Bone and Mineral Research
2013 Ashley Cornett Lutz Best poster at GSA annual symposium
2013 Erica Pimenta Barnes Best talk at GSA annual symposium
2012 Ganapathy Sriram Birge Best talk at the GSA annual symposium
2012 Ashley Cornett Lutz RNA Society Meeting Travel Award
2012 Jae Lee Suzuki Outstanding Masters Student at New Jersey Medical School