Clinical & Basic Science Research

The Department of Neurological Surgery is involved in numerous clinical and basic science research projects throughout all subspecialties of neurological surgery. Our departmental research has been featured at major national and international neurosurgical meetings. NINJ faculty are nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in their respective fields, have authored numerous textbook chapters, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and are the principal investigators on numerous grant funded research projects.

The depth, scope and quantity of basic science and clinical research at NINJ has undergone dramatic growth over the last several years as there has been an impressive increase of grant support, major projects and laboratories dedicated toward neurosurgical research. Additionally, we have fostered many inter-institutional research programs in collaboration with other major universities throughout the nation. This impressive increase in neurosurgical research and technological development remains dedicated to the finest and most advanced care available for our patients.


Ira M. Goldstien



Robert F. Heary


Stella Elkabes




James K. Liu


Vineet C. Chitravanshi