Pediatric Practice Sites

Primary and Sub-Specialty Care


Center Type of Care Location Phone
University Pediatrics Primary Suite 4100 973-972-0543
University Pediatrics Primary Suite 4300 973-972-2100
University Pediatrics Primary Care Walk in Clinic Suite 4600 973-972-4600
University Pediatrics Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Suite 4600 973-972-4600
Pediatric Sub-Specialties Sub-Specialty Suite 5100 973-972-5779
FXB Center Sub-Specialty Care UH G-102 973-972-0380
Pediatric Emergency Room Emergency Care UH C Level 973-972-5139
Newborn Nursery Normal Newborn UH F Level 973-972-5199
Intermediate Nursery Intermediate Care UH F Level 973-972-5761
FICN Nursery Intensive Care Nursery ICU UH F Level 973-972-5610
PICU Pediatric ICU UH G-Green 973-972-3784
Transport Team (Ground/Air) FICN and PICU UH 1-888-PEDS-UMD