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Case-Based Training Institute (CBTI)


Project Leaders:

Pauline Thomas, MD, Associate Professor/CBTI Project Director

Other Faculty:

William Halperin, MD, MPH, DrPH

John Bogden, PhD

Project Staff: 

Frank Kemp


The Case-Based Training Institute serves to educate and prepare New Jersey's public health professionals to effectively manage events of public health updates.

Specifics about Activity:

The Case-Based Training Institute, now part of the New Jersey Public Health Training Center will further develop the core competencies of public health professionals by engaging them in case studies that represent various public health dilemmas. The participants will work through the case studies under the guidance of an instructor, who has a background in case-based education. Thus, these professionals will have the opportunity to experience situations they may not have experienced previously, therefore providing them an opportunity to improve preparedness for public health emergencies.

Our library includes case studies that focus on various epidemiologic core areas including: 1) bioterrorism, 2) environmental health, 3) occupational health, 4) infectious disease 5) chronic disease, 6) injury/violence, 7) oral health, 8) leadership, and 9) maternal/child health. Below you can find a sampling of our original case studies:


•An Outbreak of SARS in Toronto

•Measles Outbreak in Tragonia, South Pacific

•A Release of Sarin Gas in Newark, New Jersey

•A Radioactive Material Source on the Loose

For further information about the Case Based Training Institute or to schedule a case study presentation at your organization, please contact Frank Kemp at 973-972-4404.

Opportunities for students:

The CBTI offers many training opportunities. Please contact Frank Kemp at 973-972-4404 for information about upcoming training sessions available for students.

Opportunities for volunteers:

We currently do not offer any volunteer opportunities.

Date revised: February 3, 2012

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