Disease Processes, Prevention and Therapeutics (DPPT)

DPPT is a required, integrated course for second year students at New Jersey Medical School (NJMS). It is taught by faculty members from several NJMS departments, and is the largest course in the second year curriculum. The course, comprised of 8 “Units” that focus on basic principles of medicine, nutrition, pathology, pharmacology, and preventive medicine, employs an organ system-based structure to teach these topics.  The department is responsible for the teaching of the nutrition and preventive medicine content of DPPT.

The course meets almost every weekday from mid-October through the second week of March, and has typically consisted of a total of approximately 320 class hours.  This includes about 210 hours of lectures, 12 hours of small group teaching, 20 hours of laboratories, 11 hours of student presentations, and 15 hours of exams. Thus, a considerable effort is required to update the course content and offer the course each year. Two of the five Course Co-Directors (Dr. John Bogden & Dr. Anushua Sinha) are faculty members of the DPMCH. In addition to Drs. Bogden and Sinha, other faculty members of the Department who teach in this course include Drs. Fleming, Halperin, Holland, Marcus, Thomas, and Wenger.