What is the Department of Preventive Medicine & Community Health?

Welcome to the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health (DPMCH). Our patients are both individuals and communities. Through research, training and service, we strive to incorporate the most effective preventive medicine into one-on-one clinical practice. For communities, our goal is to protect health and reduce death, disease and disability through societal application of public health measures.

What do we do?


The faculty of DPMCH teach New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) students, as well as public health students attending Rutgers School of Public Health. Our training programs include a Preventive Medicine Residency and short courses in epidemiology and biostatistics offered through the DPMCH at NJMS. Certificates in public health disciplines and public health academic programs leading to the Master of Public Health degree are available through SPH. Faculty also serve as mentors for students pursing the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Public Health degrees in Epidemiology at the SPH. Details on our medical and public health educational programs can be found by clicking on the tabs to the left.

We invite you to visit our Web site and learn about our research, training and service activities. Click here to explore our ongoing activities, recent start-ups, and activities in-planning phases.

Best wishes,

William Halperin MD, MPH, DrPH

Professor and Chair

Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health (DPMCH)

New Jersey Medical School (NJMS)

Rutgers School of Public Health

E-mail: william.halperin@rutgers.edu