Psychiatry and Neurology Clerkship


Third year medical students participate in an eight-week combined Psychiatry (4 weeks) and Neurology (4 weeks) clerkship. The Psychiatry rotation is offered at University Hospital (UH)-Newark, or in two week combinations at affiliated hospitals, Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC), East Orange Veterans Administration Medical Center (EOVA) and Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (GPPH). The Neurology portion is offered at either University Hospital or EOVA.

In the Psychiatry rotation, emphasis is placed on the development of rapport with patients, taking a thorough psychiatric, medical and substance use history through a detailed interview; conducting a mental status exam; creating a differential diagnosis and developing a comprehensive Bio-Psycho-Social treatment plan for each patient. Our goals and objectives also emphasize learning about patients’ cultural, ethnic and health beliefs, along with understanding how patients’ psycho-social and financial circumstances impact their health and health behaviors. Medical documentation, Professionalism and Bioethics are also an important part of our clinical teaching.

Student clerks rotate on inpatient psychiatric units, consultation-liaison, ambulatory and emergency services for adults and children. Both Neurology and Psychiatry conduct National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Examinations in their respective subjects.  Exams are at the end of each 4 week block.  In the final (eighth) week, there is also a combined Objective Standardized Clinical Exam (OSCE) that utilizes standardized patients in scripted cases with two Psychiatry stations and two Neurology stations. Students are evaluated on a combined grade on Clinical Performance (LCME medical student competencies), NBME exam score and OSCE score.

Learning is "hands on" with observation of, and participation in, patient care. Additionally, students receive a wide variety of didactic instruction in the form of lectures, seminars, grand rounds, journal club, case-conferences with senior clinicians, and reading assignments. We utilize an electronic, web-based, learning platform that allows for remote access to an on-line curriculum. Department Faculty and Residents supervise and work with medical students to guide them through this rich and valuable clinical learning experience.

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