Programs & Electives

Collaborative Center for
Integrative Medicine Elective

Cross Cultural Integrative Medicine is an elective for medical students that introduces them to medicinal arts the go beyond the spectrum of modern day Allopathic medicine. CCIM Elective aims to give students a broad exposure to the various modalities of healing that exist outside of the traditional western model in a relaxed, fun, and interactive setting. Once a week a presenter from various walks of life come to speak about his or her avenue for treating ailments and disease, many of whom have a traditional Allopathic background. Our humble wish is that by exposing students to non-western healing modalities, we can help them learn about the residency and certification opportunities that are open and available in these practices, and the benefits they have to offer. Students will have the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques they have learned firsthand. Examples of techniques include Shiatsu massage, basic yoga instruction, Acupuncture, and Pilates.