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Introduction to Healthcare Reform


A vital part of a complete medical education includes knowledge of the American healthcare system, both as it currently exists and how it may change in the future. This is particularly of interest given the present legislative goals and political environment in Washington DC. The goal of Introduction to Healthcare Reform is to provide NJMS students with a general understanding of the healthcare system's present structure, the varied threats to its continued function and stability, and possible solutions to consider.

The course begins with an introductory review of the healthcare system. Subsequent lectures examine problems in medical education, hospital management, physician's burdens, and patient care. Lectures offering answers to these issues will follow, primarily with speakers advocating two fundamentally differing approaches to solving the problem: one through a single-payer national health insurance system and the other through a more market-based approach. These lectures will be followed by a detailed examination of the solutions currently taking shape in Congress, as well as the health reform legislation offered in New Jersey.