LGBT Working Group For a Better Health


  • The committee aims to develop a safe and supportive environment Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Ally students, faculty, and staff to grow
    personally and professionally and achieve LGBTQA-related clinical, educational, research, and service scholarship. 


  • To provide role models and mentors for members of the LGBTQA community
  • To provide opportunities to engage in LGBTQA-related educational, research, and service scholarship
  • To promote a culturally competent and inclusive campus climate for the LGBTQA community
  • To increase visibility of the LGBTQA community at Rutgers NJMS
  • To integrate best practices in caring for LGBTQ patients and their families in the curriculum and in clinical services
  • Facilitate the development of future LGBTQA leaders by promoting student, faculty, and staff involvement in institutional, local, national, and international activities


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Out@NJMS is hosting its first event of the year, an LGBT student / faculty mixer! We have also invited our Dental colleagues to join us for this event. We plan to have some brief introductions, enjoy some delicious food, and discuss the goals for Out@NJMS for this academic year and beyond.

We hope to see you on Wednesday October 14th at 6pm in the *Rosemary Gellene Room* in the Medical Sciences Building!

Please RSVP by clicking here<> if you are able to attend so we can purchase the appropriate amount of food!

Look forward to seeing you all there!