Transition to Residency (T3)


There are twelve podcast modules included in this Transition to Residency course created by the faculty of the New Jersey Medical School. The series of podcasts was designed to fill some of the gaps between didactic and practical information that would help graduating students be better prepared to face their duties as residents. The program provides examples of common problems and identifies strategies to address emerging issues.  The goal is to instill confidence and allay anxieties about entering into residency. The titles and authors of the podcasts are:

  • The Top 10 Mistakes Made in Residency Training – Dr. Neil Kothari
  • Confronting Burnout during Residency – Dr. Chantal Brazeau
  • Introduction to Medical Documentation Guidelines – Mrs. Deborah Carlino
  • Fatigue, Sleep Deprivation and Residency – Dr. Neil Kothari
  • Professionalism: A Critical Theme in Patient Care – Dr. Dorian Wilson
  • Patient Safety for the Fourth Year Student – Dr. Dominga Padilla
  • Writing Orders – Dr. Christin Traba
  • Tick Tock Goes the Clock: Time Management in Residency – Dr. Tia Manning
  • Difficult Conversations (Breaking Bad or Uncertain News) – Dr. Sangeeta Lamba
  • Parenteral Fluid and Electrolyte Therapy - Dr. Constancia Uy
  • Where Will I Practice: Academic Medicine vs. Private Practice vs. Hospitalist – Dr. Christine Gerula
  • Teaching Medical Students: A Guide for Soon-To-Be Interns – Dr. Patrick Foye