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Dr. Compton’s Library (Books available for check-out)

  • Applying Educational Research (Gall, Gall, & Borg)
  • How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education (Fraenkel & Wallen)
  • Research in Education (McMillan & Schumacher)
  • Educational Research (Mertler)
  • Research and Evaluation in Education and Psychology (Mertens)
  • New Strategies in College Teaching (Allyn & Bacon)
  • Foundations for Research (deMarrais & Lapan)
  • Measuring and Evaluating School Learning (Carey)
  • Understanding and Evaluating Qualitative Educational Research (Lichtman)
  • Handbook in Research and Evaluation (Michael)
  • Evaluation (Rossi, Lipsey, & Freeman)
  • Empowerment Evaluation Principles in Practice (Fetterman & Wandersman)
  • Logic Modeling Methods in Program Evaluation (Frechtling)
  • Foundations of Empowerment Evaluation (Fetterman)
  • Evaluation Models (Madaus, Scriven, & Stufflebeam)
  • Evaluation (Weiss)
  • Assessment Essentials (Palomba & Banta)
  • Assessment of Student Achievement (Gronlund)
  • Evaluation in a Nutshell (Nutbeam & Bauman)
  • How People Learn (National Research Council)
  • Curriculum Development for Medical Education (Kern, Thomas, & Hughes)
  • Scholarship Reconsidered (Boyer)
  • The Adult Learner (Kowles, Holton, & Swanson)
  • Educating Physicians (Cooke, Irby, & O’Brien)
  • Survey Methodology (Groves, Fowler, Couper, Lepkowski, Singer, & Tourangeau)
  • Improving Survey Questions (Fowler)

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