Office of Financial Aid


The Office of Financial Aid is located in ADMC-12, Room 1208. Students enrolled in NJMS who are United States citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the Student Financial Aid Office. Most awards are based on need. Need is defined as the difference between the total cost of attending (tuition, fees, books, supplies, instruments, rent, utilities, food, transportation and personal expenses) and the ability of the family to contribute toward those educational costs as determined by a federally-approved system of need analysis. Students must file the “FAFSA” or “Renewal FAFSA” on the internet for financial need to be calculated.

Financial aid comes in three basic forms: loans, scholarships/grants and work. Loans are any form of aid which must be repayed at a later date. Scholarships and grants are gift aid which does not have to be repaid. Work consists of part-time jobs for which students are paid an hourly rate on a bi-weekly basis. Emergency loans are available through the Financial Aid Office as well as from the NJMS Alumni Association. (The Office of Student Affairs processes requests for Alumni Association Emergency Loans).

Financial aid comes from a variety of sources: the federal government, the State of New Jersey, as well as outside agencies, organizations and donors.

For more information regarding the Student Financial Aid Office, visit

Office of Financial Aid ( 973-972-4376 )