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The Newark Campus of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) is located on a 50-acre site in the University Heights section of Newark (click here for travel directions). More than 650 full-time faculty members are present on the Rutgers campus, which is shared by five professional schools: the GSBS, the New Jersey Medical School, the New Jersey Dental School, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health Related Professions. Approximately 150 students are currently enrolled in the various graduate programs offered by the GSBS.

Also located in the University Heights section are the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Newark campus of Rutgers University; a fourth academic institution, the Public Health Research Institute, will be moving into a new building in the University Heights section in the near future. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at these four institutions, each within walking distance, interact closely through the newly created Graduate Center at Newark, an umbrella organization that will promote sharing of library and housing facilities, seminar programs, public transportation, and other important aspects of graduate life. Students may cross-register for courses offered at any of these academic institutions.

The Northern New Jersey area is noted for a large concentration of pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies. Several of the graduate programs at GSBS include researchers from these industries as adjunct faculty members. These faculty colleagues maintain active research programs and publish regularly in the scientific literature. They participate in our graduate teaching and research programs and are available to serve as mentors for laboratory rotations and thesis research. In addition, the GSBS offers special programs to acquaint graduate students with drug development research and to discuss career opportunities with researchers and executives in the pharmaceutical industry.