Master's Programs

Specific Programs within the Master’s Degrees:

Medical Scholars: interest in medical school admission; includes specific advising and curriculum, the possibility to take courses with the students of NJMS, clinical advising, an on campus MCAT course (additional fee), consultation with NJMS admissions, and the possibility of a guaranteed interview (minimum GPA of 3.5 after 20 credits and MCAT score of 30)

Dental Scholars: interest in dental school admission; includes specific advising and curriculum, an Oral Biology Concentration, the possibility to take courses with the students of RSDM, consultation with RSDM admissions.

Biomedical Research Scholars: program and specific interest curriculum for other biomedical career interests, including pharmaceutical/biotech companies, doctoral research, etc.

  • Ability to switch between MS and MBS
  • Complete degree in one year, or follow a less intense 3-4 semester program
  • Opportunity to take medical or dental school courses (limited enrollment)
  • Can complete master's degree by transferring back up to 6 credits from subsequent medical or dental school enrollment (currently not supported by RSDM)

FAQs for Dental Scholars

FAQs for Medical Scholars

Historical Success Rate of Medical and Dental School Admission

Academic Concentration
Master’s students at the GSBS-Newark campus can obtain one of the following Concentrations by completing the curriculum indicated under the corresponding link. Once the requirements for the Concentration and the degree have been successfully completed, the student should fill out the “Completion of Concentration” form and submit it to the GSBS office. Documentation of completion of the Concentration is available:

Oral Biology
Pharmacological Sciences
Stem Cell Biology

General Degree Requirements

Tuition and Fees