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Research in Biomedical Sciences (Masters Research Rotation) - MSBS 593A

The goal of the 2 credit master’s laboratory rotation is to give students exposure to basic or clinical scientific research.  This is accomplished by students spending at least 60 hours in a research lab, as well as submitting a final report to the course director of Research in Biomedical Sciences (Dr. Stephen Garrett). As soon as the student has completed the 60 hours and submitted their report, they should ask their mentor to Email Dr. Garrett to confirm completion of the 60 hour minimum.
In contrast with a thesis, the research performed in a rotation does not necessarily have to be based on testing a hypothesis.  For example, whereas one student might have their own project that is directed at asking a specific, if limited, question, another student might perform tasks that would be geared toward the creation of reagents or analysis of data.  In all cases, students are expected to take part in lab discussions and meetings, have a general understanding of the work carried out in the lab, and have an understanding of the utility of their work to the lab.
Please note that students may begin their laboratory research at any time in the semester and in some cases may not finish the rotation requirements until the following semester. Regardless of when they finish the course and receive their grade, the course and earned grade will appear on their transcript in the semester they enrolled, rather than the semester they finished the requirements. Finally, registered students may add the Research in Biomedical Sciences class at any time during the semester.

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