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Concentration in BioDefense

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences-Newark
Concentration in BioDefense

All students are required to take:

MSBS N517Q Introduction to Select Agent Biology. 2 cr. Spring
This course is designed to give students a working knowledge of the various biological aspects of select agents and select agents research. The course topics include: select agents, bio-safety and regulations; host response to select agents; bacterial select agents and pathogenesis and virulence; viral select agents; toxins’ mechanisms of action. This course complements the other biodefense policy courses in the BioDefense Certificate Program.

MSBS N5010Q Seminar in Homeland Security. 2 cr. Spring
This course provides students with an understanding of bioterrorism and homeland security issues through the discussion of current information related to bioterrorism and homeland security.

MSBS 5140Q Biological Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction. 3 cr. Fall
The goals of this course are to gain a knowledge of the history of agents of biological warfare, including political considerations, development, and use, and to relate this information to the potential for tactical/terrorist deployment; to gain a knowledge of the biology of agents of biological warfare and terrorism, including microbiology, genetics, immunology, identification, diagnosis, and disease; to gain an appreciation for the overall effects of biological weapons use, including detection and epidemiology, emergency response and management, and psychological impact; to understanding the difficulties in control and non-proliferation, including difficulties in fashioning a verification protocol to the current Biological Weapons Convention.

Below are suggested elective courses.

MICRN 5233Q Microbes and Infectious Disease, 3 cr., Spring

PATH 511AQ Immunology A. 2 cr. Fall

PATH 511BQ Immunology B. 1 cr. Spring