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The GSBS at Newark previously offered departmental based graduate programs. These programs are still active, but as of the Fall of 2011, these programs will no longer accept new students. All students admitted to the GSBS at Newark will be admitted through the Multi-disciplinary Program.


Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
The Program offers rigorous and broad training in the fields of molecular genetics and microbial pathogenesis through a series of courses, minicourses, and presentations that emphasize discussion of the original literature.

Molecular Pathology & Immunology
The Program provides comprehensive instruction and laboratory-based training in the molecular and cellular basis of cancer and other human diseases, and in responses to disease-linked pathologies by the immune and inflammatory systems.

Integrative Neuroscience
The Integrative Neuroscience (INS) program provides outstanding training across the subdisciplines of neuroscience with intensive training in one focus area.

Pharmacology & Physiology
The program prepares students for research dedicated to understanding the functioning of the body at molecular, cellular, and organ system levels and to the application of this knowledge to alleviate human suffering and disease.



Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Biochemistry is the common language of all biological disciplines. Molecular Biology encompasses a set of complementary approaches to life processes.

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering integrates engineering principles from physical, mathematic, chemical, and computational sciences with biomedical sciences to study medicine, behavior and health.

Biomedical Sciences
This Interdisciplinary Program allows students to perform their doctoral research with mentors in basic science or clinical departments, emphasizing projects in translational medicine. Students may customize their curricula to fit their research and training needs.

Cell Biology & Molecular Medicine
The program focuses on studies of integrative physiology and molecular biology to understand the pathophysiology of disease states affecting the cardiovascular system and cancer.

Oral Biology
The NJDS-PhD program in Oral Biology is the only program in the State of New Jersey that offers a PhD degree with an emphasis on dental research.