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History of the GSBS-Newark Master's Programs

The MS and MBS programs in the Newark Campus Graduate School have now been running for more than 10 years, and have consistently maintained excellent graduation rates.  Some students follow the professional tracks to medical and dental schools, whereas others find the master's degree bolsters their credentials to enter other health related professions and advanced training programs.  The master's degree also enhances student's credentials for entry into the pharmaceutical or biotech industry or a variety of careers ancillary to the biomedical sciences. In addition, students who complete the master's program often go on to PhD programs within the UMDNJ system and at other universities.

When the GSBS-Newark masters' programs were initiated, the focus was predominantly on part-time students, and many of the courses were given in the evenings to accommodate this group.  However, while there are still a substantial number of part-time students, there is also a large cadre of full-time students, who take a mixture of day-time and evening courses.   Course offerings have also grown with the size of the student body, and there is now a choice of 25-30 graduate courses offered each semester, most of which are designed specifically for the masters' programs.  For those going on to other graduate professional schools, there is also the opportunity to complete the degree by transferring back up to 6 credits for courses completed at those outside schools (B or better grade required).