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Curriculum of the Multidisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Science

The curriculum of each student includes courses required of all students in the biomedical sciences, courses required of all students in a particular track, and courses that fit the educational needs and research interests of the individual student. The goal is to complete 24-30 credits of coursework and 10-16 credits of research prior to the Qualifying Exam in March/April of the second year.

All Multidisciplinary PhD students take:

Introduction to Biomedical Sciences (5 credits)

Experimental Design & Statistics (2 credits)

Responsible Conduct of Research (1 credit)

Professional Skills I (1 credit)

Professional Skills II – Grantsmanship Skills (2 credits)

Track-specific curriculum:

(Courses will generally be 2 credits each, except seminars)

2-4 required courses (select from a menu of courses)

2-3 elective courses related to research specialization

2-3 literature reading, presentation, and professional skills courses

Seminar course