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Multidisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (I3) Track

The I3 track of our graduate program is ideal for students interested in training for basic and translational research careers in immunology, microbiology, and microbial and host pathogenesis.  The coursework for I3 comprises the first 15 months of the program, and includes introductory and advanced courses taught in lectures and small, Socratic group formats.  The I3 curriculum will provide the theoretical bases for molecular biologic, biochemical, cell biologic, and organismal approaches to studying infection, immunity, and inflammation.  Following coursework, I3 students will be prepared to critically evaluate and implement these approaches in their Ph.D. dissertation projects.  I3 students will select a mentor and project from among the I3 faculty, whose research programs span the fields of Immunology, Virology, Bacteriology, Mycology, and Parasitology.  Students who earn Ph.D. degrees in the I3 program will be positioned to continue their careers as leaders in directing and performing biomedical research.

Infectious Disease
Oral Biology

Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation—Proposed Curriculum

Admissions committee chair: Dr. George Yap
Please address inquiries and requests for information to: iii@umdnj.edu

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Oral Biology

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