Multidisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer (MBGC) Track

The MBGC Track includes the disciplines of Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, and Cancer, as well as Biochemistry, Radiation Biology, Structural Biology, and Bioinformatics. These disciplines encompass a set of complementary approaches to life processes. Their common objective is to understand how structure and function define intra- and inter-cellular processes. Students in this track will receive a broad, yet personalized, scientific education. Such training will expand the students' capacity for scholarly activity and independent creative thinking. The MBGC Track emphasizes practical preparation for scientific careers in both academia and industry.


All Faculty in the Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer (MBGC) Track
Molecular Genetics
Cancer Biology
Radiation Biology
Azzam, Edouard The roles and mechanisms of redox-modulated intercellular communication in the biological effects of ionizing radiation
Ferraris, Ronaldo Cell differentiation and nutrient signaling in epithelia; oxidative stress from sugar metabolism and radiation damage; probiotics and gut microbiome in neonates
Humayun, Mir Professor M. Zafri Humayun's laboratory is interested in DNA replication fidelity and molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
Levison, Steven Enhancing regeneration of the CNS after injury by understanding how to expand resident neural stem cells and through neural stem cell transplantation.
Lambert, Muriel Genomic instability and cancer predisposition diseases; the hematological disorder, Fanconi anemia, and the role defective DNA repair plays in this disorder
Howell, Roger The research in my laboratory focuses on the biological effects of radioactive materials as they relate to both radiation protection and radiation therapy. Othe
Sugimoto, Katsunori Our laboratory studies cellular DNA damage response, telomere maintenance, cell senescence and transcriptional control.

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer Curriculum

Guided Curriculum in Cancer Biology
Guided Curriculum in Structural Biology
Guided Curriculum in Translational Research
Guided Curriculum in Genomics Bioinformatics
Guided Curriculum in Gene Expression and Signal Transduction

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