Multidisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer (MBGC) Track

The MBGC Track includes the disciplines of Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, and Cancer, as well as Biochemistry, Radiation Biology, Structural Biology, and Bioinformatics. These disciplines encompass a set of complementary approaches to life processes. Their common objective is to understand how structure and function define intra- and inter-cellular processes. Students in this track will receive a broad, yet personalized, scientific education. Such training will expand the students' capacity for scholarly activity and independent creative thinking. The MBGC Track emphasizes practical preparation for scientific careers in both academia and industry.


All Faculty in the Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer (MBGC) Track
Molecular Genetics
Cancer Biology
Radiation Biology
Tian, Bin Our lab studies evolution, mechanisms and consequences of alternative polyadenylation by computational and molecular biology approaches.
Diehl, Scott We study millions of genetic polymorphisms from arrays or next generation sequencing to reveal the causes of individual differences in disease risk and response
Professor - Director
Kuzhikandathil, Eldo
Li, Hong My lab aims to develop mass spectrometry technologies to study the role of protein post-translational modifications and protein-protein interactions in regulati
Lutz, Carol We are interested in how eukaryotic gene expression regulation (e.g.COX-2) can be accomplished by RNA processing, alt polyadenylation, miRNAs & stability
Shirokov, Roman

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer Curriculum

Guided Curriculum in Cancer Biology
Guided Curriculum in Structural Biology
Guided Curriculum in Translational Research
Guided Curriculum in Genomics Bioinformatics
Guided Curriculum in Gene Expression and Signal Transduction

Admissions committee chair: Dr. Nikhat Parveen
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Center for Immunity and Inflammation (CII) 

Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Public Health Research Institute

Cancer Center

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