Ars Literarium 2016 Volume I

Ars Literarium, is a student-run literary journal in humanities that seeks to feature creative writing and artistic work of students and faculty at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) and School of Health Related Professions Schools -- School of Nursing, Physician Associate Program, School of Public Health, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences -- in Newark. The journal focuses on narrative medicine and encourages personal development in the medical profession through creatively sharing experiences of learning the art and science of medicine. The journal will uphold literary work in medical humanities in the form of short stories, poetry, digital photography and art.

The journal is currently supervised by Dr. Beth Pletcher, Associate Professor at NJMS, in affiliation with the Healthcare Foundation Center for Humanism and Medicine Center and headed by editors, primarily students attending NJMS. Majority of the students have pursued liberal arts majors or minors as undergraduates or are interested in fields such as public health and anthropology as future career choices.