NJMS Hosts Successful Annual Admissions Seminar

With over 375 registered guests, the 2018 Annual Admissions Seminar was a colossal success. The seminar took place on Saturday, April 14 in the Medical Science Building at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) in Newark, NJ.

The event kicked-off with student volunteers warmly welcoming guests to NJMS. Guests then had an opportunity to speak directly with students, faculty, and staff during an informal networking breakfast.

Following breakfast, guests were separated into two concurrent tracks which included a presentation by Dr. George Heinrich, Associate Dean of Admissions, a faculty panel, student panel, and tour of the medical school campus.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Heinrich provided an overview of the admissions process in general, and specifically at NJMS.

“We receive over 5,000 applications. And we read every one. We’re looking for applicants who have, and can clearly articulate, a passion for medicine, research, and taking care of patients,” said Dr. Heinrich. “The first thing you need to ask yourself is, ‘Why do I want this?’”

Representing as members of the Admissions Committee, Drs. Krista Blackwell and Richard Park offered valuable insight to would-be applicants. Underscoring a theme that emerged throughout the seminar, Dr. Park said, “Three things that I look for are: passion, communication skills, and integrity.” Dr. Blackwell added that what she hones in on when interviewing applicants is, “Character. I want to see that shine through. At NJMS, we want to ensure that students will treat patients kindly and with respect.”

The Medical Student Perspectives panel provided relatable feedback from current NJMS students who, in the not-so-distant past, were in the same situation as guests. It also led to a lively Q&A session. First-year student, Priya Kantesaria ’21, shared that within the NJMS community, collaboration is key and that there is a strong support system among students as well as with both faculty members and the Admissions Office.

Expanding on Priya’s comments, fourth-year student, James Huynh ’18, said, “Being a medical student extends beyond studying and earning great grades. It demands emotional rigor. I recall a particularly difficult experience leaving the operating room one day. Residents and medical students were there for me and helped me process that experience.”

“Know yourself and set your goals early,” suggested Tolu Oyetunde ’19. “Your goal has to be yours. You cannot chase another person’s future. NJMS is committed to helping you bring your goals to fruition.”

As the event came to a close, Dr. Heinrich provided guests with parting remarks that perfectly captured the spirit of the seminar: “There is no one best applicant. And, not everyone gets to be a physician. It is a privilege to do so.”

Rounding out participation in the event were the Office for Diversity and Community Engagement and the following student groups: Lifestyle Medicine, Green Club, Ironbound Initiative, Student Family Healthcare Center, and Global Health.

For more information about the admissions process and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, please visit njms.rutgers.edu/admissions or contact the Admissions Office at (973) 972-4631.