Kicking Out Colon Cancer

Jim Boyce, director of technology support services at New Jersey Medical School, combined his passion for increasing awareness about colon cancer with his love of soccer during the inaugural AliveAndKickathon. The 24-hour soccer marathon, held in Ridgefield Park, was organized to increase awareness of colon cancer and raise funds for research. The organization has raised more than $12,000 with the help of Boyce and other volunteers.




Ravi Shah,

Ravi Shah, a 2nd year student at NJMS, recently received the prestigious “2013 Leadership Award” from the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation.  According to the AMA, Ravi and other deserving medical students received this award for their commitment to service, community involvement, altruism, leadership and dedication to patient care.  Ravi’s accomplishments do not end there.  He was also recently elected as Chair of the Medical Society of New Jersey - medical student section and currently serves on the committee for long-range planning for the medical student section of the AMA.

Ravi is pursuing a career in surgery and healthcare system process improvement. He is a co-founder of Scribe Notes LLC, a student run note taking service, and also a founding member of Healthy Hour, a weekly program at a local underserved elementary school that teaches children how to practice healthy living. The AMA Foundation continues to improve the health of Americans through philanthropic support through quality programs in public health and medical education. Click here to learn more about the AMA Foundation.