Intramural Funding Opportunities

Applications for intramural support for basic, translational and clinical science proposals are now CLOSED. Proposals will be reviewed by a diverse study section and we hope to announce funding decisions by mid-May with funds disbursed the first week of June.

The CCRP2 now invites proposals from the social sciences to explore research problems related to COVID-19 and its implications. These intramural COVID-19 research awards are intended to build research teams focused on COVID-19 related research and to provide support for the rapid acquisition of preliminary data and proof-of-concept evidence for extramural funding applications. Proposals may come from Rutgers faculty at any of the Rutgers University campuses.

Research problems may draw from any social science discipline. Examples of relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • accuracy of scientific communication in the media and to society
  • behavioral health and substance abuse
  • effects on K-12 and college students
  • environmental effects
  • markets and collective behavior
  • medical ethics
  • migration and immigration
  • political decision making
  • telecommuting, data privacy, and other technological implications
  • trauma and grief
  • workforce implications
  • and inequities across these and other dimensions

Proposed Funding Parameters

  • $10K-$30K direct costs only (no indirect costs)
  • 3-6 months of research funding
  • No-cost extension possible, contingent on accomplishing proposed deliverables and submissions/plans for submission to extramural RFAs
  • Teams of PIs highly encouraged

Budget Clarification

  • Faculty summer salary support is NOT permitted
  • Salary support for research staff and trainees IS permitted
  • Indirect costs (e.g., fringe benefits) are NOT permitted
  • Equipment costs should be below $10K

Research proposals are to be submitted as single PDFs by 5 p.m. on Monday, May 11, 2020. Detailed instructions on how to apply may be found here. Proposals may be submitted here.