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Devashish J. Anjaria, M.D.

Director Surgery Clerkship
Assistant Program Director - Surgery Residency

Department of Surgery

University Hospital (UH)
150 Bergen Street Room M233
Newark, NJ 07101
Email: Admin. Assistant Marquiah Geiger
Phone: (973) 972-0091
Fax: (973) 972-7441

Clinical Info

Medical Expertise

Trauma, Surgical Critical Care & General Surgery


Hospital Affiliation

University Hospital, Newark


Insurance Participation

Insurance Participation: with Provider Number ( where applicable ) The information below is subject to change and should not be relied upon until after it is verified with the insurance company. In addition, psychiatric providers should be contacted directly for information on their participation with managed care and insurance companies.

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M.D., 1997, University of Maryland School of Medicine, MD
B.S., 1993, Loyola College of Maryland, Biology


Licensure & Certification

Medical Licensure
New Jersey


American Board of Surgery - Trauma (Surgery Board)
American Board of Surgery - Surgical Critical Care






Relevant Publications:

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Courses Taught

SURG9232K   Trauma Team A.I.

EDUC9050K   Surgical Boot Camp

SURG8050K   Gen Surgery Clerkship

This clerkship has been designed to provide a broad-based experience in the art and science of Surgery. The overall goal of this rotation is to develop increasing independence in the diagnosis of conditions requiring surgical intervention and understanding the principles of their management. The Department is committed to making your rotation educational, worthwhile, and enjoyable. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary to become competent clinicians. Surgery is a “team sport” and we believe that you will learn the most by integrating closely with the service team during your clinical rotations. Every activity of each member of the team offers an opportunity to learn. While the constraints imposed by the urgent nature of surgical illnesses offer challenges to your education – they also offer you rapidly evolving insights into diagnosis, pathophysiology, pathology, and treatment that are unique to this specialty.

SURG9233K   Surgical I.C.U.



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