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Edwin A. Deitch, M.D.


Ambulatory Care at DOC (DOCACC)
Pending Formal Approval Room 7100

Email: Principal Management J Carole Downey
Hours: 1pm -3 pm every Monday and every other Thursday
Phone: (973) 972-6639
Fax: (973) 972-6803

Clinical Info

Medical Expertise

Abdominal surgery, fistula and hernias


Hospital Affiliation

University Hospital, Newark


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Dr. Edwin A. Deitch is Professor of Surgery at the New Jersey Medical School. His clinical and research fields of interest have included abdominal surgery, complex hernias, burns, trauma and critical care. For the last 13 years, he has been continously named s "Best Doctor in the US", "Best Doctor om Mew Jersey" and "Best Doctor in New York". His clinical practice specialties include abdominal surgery, complex soft tissue diseases, burns, trauma nd critical care. Based on his surgical contributions, Dr. Deitch received an honorary degree as a Fellow ofthe Royal College of Surgeons. Dr. Deitch has served as President of the American Burn Association, Society of University Surgeons, University of Surgeons Foundation, Shock Society and the Surgical Infection Society. In addition, he has served on the Boards of many national medical societies as well as the NIH. He is currenttly serving on the Editorial Boards of 8 professional journals. He has also received 4 national awards for his clinical and research activities. As a researcher,Dr. Deitch has a history which spans almost two decades, having been the recipient of more than $18.8 million(direct and indirect) in federal funding, including a Trauma Training Grant and a Center Grant. Dr. Deitch has published more than 350 original articles and 3 books, written 48 book chpters and 40 invited review articles. He has served as Visiting Professor at more than 75 Universities and Medical Schools in the US and Canada.



M.D., 1973, University of Maryland


Licensure & Certification

Medical Licensure
New Jersey


American Board of Surgery - Surgery




Relevant Publications:

E.A. Deitch, JL Vincent. ACJ Windsor: Sepsis and Multiple Organ Dysfunction: A Multiple Discipinary Approach. Harcourt International, 2002
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Sheth SU,Palange D, Xu Dz, Wei D, Feketova E, Lu Q, Reino, DC, Qin X, Deitch EA: Testosterone depletioi or blockade in male rats protects against rauma hemorrhagic shock -induced distant organ injury by limiting gut injury abd subsequent production of biologically active mesenteric lymph.J. Trauma 71:1652-8, 2011. PMID 22182874
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Machiedo GW, Zaets ZB, Berezinz TL, Xu DZ,Feketova E, Spolarics Z, Deitch EA: Trauma-Hemorrhagic Shock-Induced Red Blood Cell Damage Leads to Decrease Microcirculatory Blood Flow. Crit Care Med,37:1000-110, 2009
Mole DJ, McFerran NV, Collett G, O'Neill C, Diamond T, Garden OJ, Kylanpaa L, Repo H, Deitch EA: Tryptophan Catabolites in Mesenteric Lymph Contribute to Pancreatitis-Associated Organ Failure. British J Surg 95: 855-867, 2008
Deitch EA, Livingstin DH, Laverey RF, Monaghan SF, Bongu A, Machiedo GW: Hormonally Active Females Tolerate Shock-Trauma better Than Males:A Propextive Study of ove 4000 Trauama Patients. nn Surg 246:447-455, 2007
Cai B, Deitch EA, Ulloa L: Novel Insights for systemic infammation in sepsis and hemorrhage. Mediators Inflamm 2010:642462, 2010. PMID: 2068562


Courses Taught

SURG8002K Acting Internship(Gold)

Current Research

Immunology; inflammation; sepsis; acute organ failure; trauma; gut-derived inflammatory factors;multiple organ dysfunction syndrome



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