Multidisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences

Multidisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences

Based on their interests, students entering the multidisciplinary program will choose one of four educational tracks that focus on molecular biosciences (MBGC), integrative biosciences (CBNP), infectious disease and immunity (I3), or biomedical engineering (BME). Each track provides a structured education in one of four broad biomedical subject areas and yet encourages students to develop their own curriculum on their specialized research interest. Faculty mentors may be members of more than one educational track, thereby allowing students greater flexibility in choosing the track that fits their educational needs. In addition, students may apply for consideration by more than one track, and it is possible to move between tracks once enrolled.



Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer (MBGC)

Molecular Genetics
Cancer Biology
Radiation Biology

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Cell Biology, Neuroscience and Physiology (CBNP)

Cardiovascular Biology
Molecular Pharmacology
Stem Cell Biology

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Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (I3)

Oral Biology
Infectious Disease

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Biomedical Engineering

Cell-tissue Engineering
Signal-image Processing
Neural Engineering
Stem Cells

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Financial Support
Students accepted for full time study into the Ph.D. program will receive tuition remission, paid health insurance, and an annual stipend.


General Curriculum

Tuition and Fees

Foreign Applicants


Note: For the online application below, materials that cannot be directly typed or uploaded by you or your referees (eg. transcripts, standardized scores), please send them or have them sent to:

Administrative Services Building
Attn: Graduate & Professional Admissions
65 Davidson Road
Room 200L
Busch Campus
Piscataway, NJ 08854

The Multidisciplinary PhD Program will be holding a new student Recruitment Day on February 06 and 07, 2020. The application deadline for candidates to be considered is January 06, 2020.

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