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The Gynecologic Teaching Associate Program


The renowned Gynecological Teaching Associate (GTA) Program with the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health, NJMS has been providing high quality medical student education for over two decades and is seen as the Gold Standard in this unique type of education. Lisa Pompeo, MD is the program's Medical Director and Isle Polonko is the Program Director. Although the majority of medical schools across the country have some type of GTA program in place, no one does GTA education better than NJMS.

Our program works with second year medical students providing a solid introduction to invasive exam procedures. We also work with third year medical students entering Ob/gyn Clerkship providing comprehensive training in this area. Students learn relaxation techniques, transition techniques and get extensive information on patient education and communication while receiving instruction on all breast and pelvic examination techniques. In addition, our GTAs proctor breast and pelvic exam stations at Clerkship OSCE s (Objective Structured Clinical Exams). Our protocol is based on a patient empowerment model focusing on patient centered care and successfully meets the challenge of integrating the examiner and female patient into a partnership which improves her health care and overall health.

Our Gynecologic Teaching Associate Program provides a standardized, quality controlled learning environment wherein students are provided with a systematic approach for conducting the well-woman gynecologic exam. Each GTA is extensively trained and certified by the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health and acts as both the instructor and the patient. This provides a unique opportunity to receive immediate feedback while reproducing exam techniques under GTA direction. GTAs guide each participant step by step through the entire exam and each participant gets a chance to practice all the techniques and palpate structures. Evaluation by participating students and program directors is always in the superlative and speaks to the success of this outstanding program.

Outside of medical student education, our GTAs provide high quality education to Physician's Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Residency and SANE and SAFE programs and at Veteran’s Administration Clinics across several States. The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health also train and supervise the Male Uro-genital Teaching Assocaties (MUTAs). Our MUTA program is modeled after our highly successful GTA program.

Additionally, we have exceptional sexual assault forensic evidence collection and domestic violence training programs available.  Our sexual assault forensic evidence collection training utilizes Standardized Patients (SPs) and GTAs in the three main areas of sexual assault forensic evidence collection; the trauma interview, actual forensic evidence collection utilizing your state’s forensic evidence collection kit on live simulated patients, and documentation/chain of custody.  Instruction is provided in the form of a three station Teaching OSCE (TOSCE) where participants have an opportunity to practice in each of these areas and receive feedback from highly trained GTAs.   This experience has been provided at a number of Universities across the country and has been received with very high regard as to program success and efficacy.  Portions of this training are now being considered for utilization in national certification for those trainees unable to obtain the required number of exams. 

One of our other services is our acclaimed, �Train the Trainer� program wherein assistance is provided to those Universities and institutions looking to start their own GTA program in house. Training is tailor-made to suit the individual needs of each program for whom we are providing assistance. We have averaged two of these types of trainings per year and the feedback and continued success of the programs that have utilized our consulting services is unsurpassed. 

We also have a GTA training curriculum which is available for purchase.  The curriculum is extensive and provides a step by step, comprehensive and interactive instructional guide that is an exceptional resource for those programs setting up their own in house GTA programs.  The curriculum includes a manual, exam, evaluation sheets, video and audio training discs, a section designed specifically for the new GTA trainer and additional related articles necessary for program success.  There is a discount offered for the curriculum when it is purchased in conjunction with our Train the Trainer program. 

With all these services available to meet your needs, there is simply no better way to learn invasive exam procedures than from a GTA, or program set up from GTA Trainer or Consultant at NJMS, Rutgers.

Are you interested in including the GTA and/or MUTA Program in your Curriculum?

Are you interested in providing sexual assault training to your student body?

Are you interested in setting up your own GTA program but don't know where to start?

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