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The Psychological Development Questionnaire for Toddlers (PDQ-1) -- a brief, parent-report questionnaire, was developed by Rutgers--NJ Medical School investigators. The screener was designed to mark the social-pragmatic development of children between 18 and 36 months. The PDQ-1 can be administered in less than 3 minutes. The PDQ-1 was designed to be self-administered as a paper and pencil survey, or can be provided verbally through an associate.  PDQ-1 scoring can be completed in 3 minutes and yields a total score that is taken to represent early psychological awareness and relatedness.  A high PDQ-1 score (>15) is consistent with age-appropriate levels of social-communication development.  A PDQ-1 score falling below the risk threshold (≤12) may signify increased risk for psychological (social communication) deficit consistent with ASD.  Preliminary evidence using the PDQ-1 prospectively for ASD screening of general populations (Level 1) was positive (Zahorodny et al., 2018).