Program Requirements & Eligibility

The Pozen Scholars Program is focused on community service endeavors designed to assist the greater Newark area.


How We Choose Projects

The program is competitive and utilizes a rigorous application process. We select the best suited projects based on the following criteria:

  • Feasibility of project proposed
  • Connection to the city of Newark and the need of the communities being served
  • Applicants' connection to the service being proposed (i.e., previously service, specialty subject of study, etc.)
  • Budget request
  • Longevity of proposed project

Expectations of Those Chosen:

  • Scholars of the program are required to finish or pass on their projects to interested students based on an approved timeline, managed through customized progress reports.
  • Finished projects will render a presentation poster, short oral presentation, and attendance at Pozen sponsored events, not limited to the annual Pozen Scholar Showcase, an event both Dr. Pozen and his wife, Mrs. Ann Silver Pozen attend to interact with students and faculty to learn more about their projects

Benefits of Being a Pozen Scholar:

  • Real-life experience in assisting underserved communities that will last a lifetime!
  • Commendable participation in a program relevant for resumes and CV's
  • Professional development skills in public speaking, scholarly dissemination of their project, and research (if applicable)
  • Guidance on program design and implementation

For NJMS students:

  • Pozen meets CESL hour requirements
  • Recognition of acceptance in the program for your Dean's letter

Additional Guidelines for Students and Faculty:

  • ALL students are required to have a faculty mentor who can be active in their project AND submit a letter of support. For information on faculty mentors, click here. For an example of a faculty letter of support, click here.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; however, it is recommended projects be submitted at least 30 days before the start of the initiative
  • Projects submitted should focus on both the health and well-being of community members through service activities, specifically those in the greater Newark area.
  • For international projects, applicants should actively find ways to translate their service back to the city of Newark and its residents
  • Projects can address a plethora of public/environmental/medical health crises, not limited to: nutrition, health literacy, mentorship/advocacy for youth, violence and mental health, homelessness, clinic care, etc.
  • International projects will be vetted for feasibility in conjunction with Drs. Sule and Sifri from the Office of Global Health
  • A budget is required during time of submission. There currently is no limit on the amount that can be requested
  • Special consideration is given to longitudinal (long term) projects

Please be sure to have all required materials for the application at the time of submission. Incomplete applications will not make it through the portal. 
Interested in Research?

The Pozen Scholars Program does support research initiatives as long as there is an explicit community service component. Pozen also offers research guides to assist students and faculty in deciding which method of assessment would be most helpful and effective for the phenomena they are interested in studying. For more information on this, contact the OPCCI office at or call (973) 972-3762.

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