About our Facility

Welcome to the Confocal Imaging Facility, a core facility of New Jersey Medical School. We provide advanced microscope systems for optical imaging of live and fixed samples. Facility Manager Luke Fritzky is trained in cell biology, has many years' experience in 3D microscopy, and specializes in working with users to find the best methods for any imaging study and assisting users as needed with experimental design, image acquisition, training, technical support and data interpretation. He is on site every weekday to facilitate imaging and in-depth consultation. Please feel free to stop by anytime!


Microscope Systems:

The Facility has two scanning Confocal systems, all attached to inverted microscopes. Each of these systems has unique imaging capabilities beyond those of the traditional confocal microscope, but samples must be prepared on sealed slides, chamber slides or chamber/dish with coverslip bottom.



Nikon A1R

on Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted base:

  • Argon laser (458, 488, 514 nm)
  • Diode laser( 405, 561 and 640 nm)
  • Allows for simultaneous collection of four fluorescent signals
  • Allows for spectral imaging
  • High speed resonant scanner
  • Equipped for live cell imaging



Zeiss LSM 510

on Zeiss Axiovert 100M Base:

  • Argon laser (458, 488, 514nm)
  • HeNe laser (543)
  • Allows for simultaneous collection of two fluorescent signals



Zeiss PALM Laser-Capture System

on Zeiss Axiovert 200M Base:

  • DNA, RNA and protein isolation from slides or live cells
  • Automated image analysis in transmitted light and fluorescence (FITC, Rhodamine, Alexa Fluor 430)



Image Analysis and Objective Imaging System

on Nikon Microphot FXA Microscope



Data Management:

All systems record images digitally, and all resulting images are viewable with both commercial and free software on Macintosh, Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems.

Data is placed on a server for convenient download in your laboratory; files can also be written to DVD, CD and portable flash drives.

All images are compatible with software such as Photoshop and PowerPoint for publications and presentations

Software Capabilities:

The staff provides consultation and training on the use of various software packages for imaging enhancement and analysis. Some examples of what you can do are:




•  Pseudocolor, background correction, image enhancement, ratio imaging

•  3D rendering of data in stereo or rotating projections

•  Movie creation for time-lapse experiments

•  2D particle tracking

•  Morphometry (object length, volume, etc)

•  Quantitative intensity measurements

•  Colocalization


Contact Us:

Please feel free to stop by the Facility anytime, or contact us via phone or e-mail to discuss your experiments and to see how we can help you in your imaging. Our contact information is:

Manager: Luke Fritzky
NJMS Cancer Center, G-1105
Phone: (973) 972-8101
E-mail: fritzklf@njms.rutgers.edu