Mission & History


  1. To provide thorough, yet efficient patient care to those in our community who are unable to afford current medical care costs.

  2. To educate, through students teaching students.


The Student Family Health Care Center is one of the oldest institutions at Rutgers. It was organized by students in 1968 soon after the 1967 civil riots in Newark in an effort to improve conditions for the people of Newark. The student clinic aims to provide both medical and social services to patients in the surrounding communities. While these services are already being provided by clinics in University Hospital, the SFHCC is unique in viewing the patient in his/her total environment and seeks to offer care of the highest quality.


The clinic is located in suite 4400 of the Doctor's Office Center ( DOC ) on the Rutgers Biomendical Health Sciences Campus and operates every Tuesday and Thursday evening starting at 5:30pm.  There are on average six patients per night who are seen by teams of 3-5 students.  Each team is led by one or two third or fourth year students with first and second year students making up the rest.  After interviewing and examining the patient, students then meet with the attending physician in a seperate office to consult. The attending then also meets with the patient and the students implement the plan for treatment. The clinic aims to provide high quality care by pairing student teams with patients and instilling in the students a commitment towards their patients.  On every revisit the patient is seen by the same group of students.  This promotes a bond of trust and lays the groundwork for the basis of the physician-patient relationship.