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Residency Wellness

It is our firm belief that personal wellness is paramount for a good residency experience. In this spirit, the Residency holds monthly wellness events, journal clubs hosted by faculty, as well as encouraging its residents to pursue personal interests. The nature of these events has varied considerably. Residents have enjoyed dinner and drinks, attendance of local sporting events and shows, sporting activities such as paintball and go-karting as well as trips to places such as Six flags - Great Adventure & the Mutter museum.

All senior residents are also given protected time to attend the annual ACEP Scientific Assembly. Residents are also usually given time and are funded to go to conferences they are presenting at or have publications accepted at. In 2015 we sent four residents to the Mediterranean EM Congress in Rome, Italy - incidentally, our residents and faculty won first and second places in their respective CPC competitions.

The following photos show examples of our varied events.