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Simulation is an integral part of our residency didactics.  Residents participate in afternoon small-group simulation sessions (4-5 residents on a rotating basis) that are held every other week.  Junior residents practice serving as team leaders during medical, traumatic and obstetric simulations.  Senior residents practice taking care of rare and difficult cases.  We also use simulation to work on team work, handoffs and strategies for dealing with difficult patients, family members and consultants. A list of cases done in simulation over the past two years can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Resident Facilitators: Both junior and senior residents volunteer to serve as facilitators during simulation.  Junior residents serve as confederates (nurses, patient's family members, consultants) and are asked to help with the clinical portions of the debriefing.  Senior residents are asked to write the case for the junior residents (under the guidance of Dr. Anana).  
  • Simulation Space: Rutgers NJMS has a 10,000 sq. ft. Clinical Skills Center that includes 12 standardized patient rooms with conference & training rooms. Equipment includes SimMan 3G, SimBaby and TraumaMan. The department is also currently developing an additional simulation space adjacent to our conference room so that simulation and procedural workshops can be further incorporated into our curriculum. The department recently acquired multiple airway heads designed by Rich Levitan (EM airway guru)
  • Education & Competitions: Not only do our residents compete in simulation competitions, but they also help run simulations for medical students and other residencies.