Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology
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The goals of the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine are to provide state of the art high-risk pregnancy care, educate medical students, residents and fellows, and perform research in the field of obstetrics. These goals are achieved with the incorporation of the maternal fetal medicine faculty and the high risk pregnant patients of the University Hospital University Obstetrical Associates Ambulatory Care Center practice in  Newark, New Jersey which has a population of gravida who have a high level of medical acuity. These patient are   from the greater Newark  New Jersey area which is an inner city environment and who are socioeconomically deprived.   Pregnant women with a variety of medical and other complications of pregnancy are cared for by the maternal fetal medicine physicians teamed with medical students, residents and fellows. The group listed below provides care for medical complications of pregnancy including diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, heart disease, hypertensive diseases, alloimmunization, infectious diseases, collagen vascular diseases and others. The high risk obstetric clinic meets five days of the week where  between 35  to 40 high risk obstetrical  patients are seen each day.

A separate prenatal diagnosis clinic meets  two days a week. At this clinic the MFM physicians perform   state of the art  care  including first trimester combined screening, chorionic villi sampling, specialized sonography for fetal anomalies and genetic amniocentesis. These sessions are    supervised by Dr. Joseph Apuzzio who also teaches the residents and fellows the procedures and specialized sonography.

 An additional and  separately designated high-risk outpatient clinic is supervised by Dr. Arlene Bardeguez who cares for pregnant patients who are HIV infected. Patients are referred to this clinic from the northern New Jersey area and may be enrolled is several NICHD research protocols of which Dr. Bardeguez is the principal investigator.

A separate obstetric and gynecologic sonography unit exists in the same ambulatory care center and is staffed by two sonographers who are supervised by the maternal fetal medicine specialists. Last year over 4,500 imaging procedures were performed in this unit which included both basic obstetric  and gynecological sonography as well as hysterosonograms,  Doppler flow studies,  and middle cerebral artery peak systolic flow studies and fetal  biophysicial profiles.

Patients of the MFM group are seen in the ambulatory care center building, 140 Bergen Street, Newark, New Jersey. Patient   appointments for the above can be made at 973-972-2700.


The division of maternal fetal medicine also has an American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) approved three year fellowship in maternal fetal medicine which enrolls one new fellow every other year in july. The fellowship is directed by Dr Joseph J Apuzzio and the fellows have rotations in all areas of high risk pregnancy and interact with the entire faculty. Eighteen months of the three year fellowship is spent in protected research time where the fellow completes a required thesis prior to completing the fellowship in addition  to other research projects both clinical and bench research projects. The graduates of the fellowship have been successful in having a completed thesis and passing the written examination of the ABOG by the completion of the third year of the fellowship.




The   members of the Division of Maternal and Fetal Medicine include Drs. Apuzzio, Gittens-Williams  and  Williams. Each member is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology in basic obstetrics and gynecology and   in addition all are certified  in the subspecialty of Maternal and Fetal Medicine. This team incorporates a broad range of experience and expertise extending to all aspects of high risk obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis and obstetrical and gynecologic sonography.  The knowledge of these highly qualified physicians is a readily available source of information for residents and medical students rotating through the department and for primary care physicians in northern New Jersey.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Faculty

Dr Joseph Apuzzio is Professor and the Director of the Division of Maternal  Fetal Medicine and Professor of Radiology. His medical school number is 973-972-5557. Email

Dr Lisa Gittens-Williams is Associate Professor. Her medical school phone number is 973-972 5344. Email

Dr Shauna Williams is Assistant Professor. Her medical school phone number is 973-972 5262. Email