Hand and Microvascular Surgery

Problems of the hand and elbow may include nerve compression syndromes such as carpal tunnel syndrome; degenerative or systemic arthritic conditions, traumatic injuries, tumors and congenital deformities. Careful physical examination is essential, but X-rays, electrical studies (EMG) and advanced imaging techniques such as MRI may be required to complete the diagnosis. Many problems can be treated with conservative care consisting of splinting and therapy.  When indicated, surgical procedures can be utilized to relieve pain, restore function and strength or improve motion of the hand.  Microsurgery may be an integral part of the treatment plan.

Dr. Ahmed is an orthopaedic hand surgeon who specializes in the treatment of the acutely injured arm and hand (fractures, tendon and nerve injuries).   He performs arthroscopic procedures for the wrist shoulder, and elbow as well as surgery for arthritis, nerve compression and congenital deformities.   Dr. Ahmed also specializes in reconstructive surgeries of the upper extremity and is fellowship trained in the latest state of the art microsurgical techniques.


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Irfan Ahmed, MD

Irfan Ahmed, MD

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics