Our Residents have 2 month long rotations 6 times per year. We have dedicated 3-hour educational sessions every  Thursday morning and follow a reading schedule and year-long OrthoBullets study plan. In addition, journal club is held once per month during the Thursday dedicated educational session as well as once per month during respective rotations. Additionally, educational conferences and small group discussions are held weekly on respective services described below.

Our Residents supplement their education by attending national training conferences such as the AO Basic course, AANA arthroscopy course, Miller Review Course, and the AAOS Annual Meeting.

Core Curriculum
Training Sites
Master Schedule
CORE Reading Schedule
Conferences Attended






2 month Ortho Trauma
2 month Ortho Spine/Peds/Call
2 month Ortho General @ Newark Beth Israel
1 month Ortho Surgical Skills
1 month General Trauma
1 month Vascular Surgery
1 month Plastic Surgery
1 month Radiology
1 month Regional Anesthesia

2 month Pediatrics
2 month Oncology
2 month Night-float general/trauma
2 month Hand
2 month VA East Orange – general
2 month Overlook Hospital (community general)

2 month Ortho Trauma
2 month Foot/Ankle
2 month Sports
2 month Research
2 month Overlook Hospital (community general)
2 month Ortho General @ Newark Beth Israel

2 month Joints
2 month Spine
2 month Peds
2 month Oncology
2 month Ortho Trauma
2 month Ortho General @ Hackensack Hospital

2 month Joints @ NY Mt Sinai Beth Israel
2 month Ortho Trauma
2 month Hand
2 month Sports
2 month Ortho General @ Hackensack Hospital
2 month VA East Orange – general



Orthopaedic Trauma Conference
Every weekday morning from 6:45am-7:30am residents meet with the on-call attendings to present patients and review imaging from consults during the previous day.

Orthopaedic Oncology – Tumor Conference
A multidisciplinary tumor conference, consisting of musculoskeletal radiologists, pathologists, and orthopaedic oncologists is held every Thursday from 3:30 -4:30pm, during which patients’ history, imaging studies, and pathology slides are reviewed and discussed, and complex treatment regimens are planned.

Pediatric Orthopaedic Conference
Every Tuesday and Wednesday, the pediatric team and rotating students, as well as the spine/peds/call resident will gather over breakfast for an informal, but in-depth discussion of a pediatric orthopaedic topic of choice based on reading from Lovell & Winter Pediatric Orthopaedic Textbook.

Hand Orthopaedic Conferences
On Mondays the Hand team meets for Journal Club with the hand fellow to review required journals. On Wednesdays they gather for Pre-op/Post-op Conference. And every  Thursday Afternoon there is a discussion of hand anatomy with Junior Resident

Spine Orthopaedic Conferences
The spine team meets Mondays to review in-training exam topics from the spine section out of OKU such as Cervical trauma, Thoracolumbar trauma, Cervical Degenerative Disease, Lumbar degenerative disease, Lumbar spondylolisthesis, Spine Infections. In addition, Journal Club is held Fridays.

Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Conferences
Preop and post op conferences are held Thursdays during which residents transition from junior residents to senior residents and discuss not only the anatomy and approaches during surgery, but the instruments and implants required. Residents will call the implant rep prior to surgery as well.

Orthopaedic Total Joints
During the Total Joint rotation at New York Mount Sinai Beth Israel, residents will go over joint templating with Dr Drucker in preparation for upcoming cases.

Orthopaedic Sports Conference
Small group discussions held every Wednesday morning following morning report covering topics from rotator cuff tears and ACL reconstruction to shoulder arthroplasty.

VA Indications Conference
Department conference every Monday morning reviewing postoperative patients and preoperative candidates.

Overlook Hospital Conference
Held once a month on the last Wednesday of the month during which the residents will present on a topic of interest to local staff attendings.

Hackensack Conference
Small group discussion held weekly with Dr Kelly at Hackensack hospital on resident topic of interest.