A strong didactic program is critical to any training experience.   Our commitment to this facet of resident education involves the unique philosophy of "protected time."   For two half-days each week throughout the year, residents are relieved from clinical duties.   During this time they attend a core lecture series, grand rounds, and variety of conferences and seminars.   They also attend a noteworthy visiting lecture series featuring nationally and internationally eminent figures in psychiatry. The core didactic program has been structured a step-wise fashion, progressing from introductory level courses for the new residents to an extensive core of specialized courses during the PGY-2 and 3 years. The PGY-4 year is devoted to advanced seminars, research and independent study.  



•  DSM IV/Basic Psychopathology

•  Psychopharmacology

•  Psychiatric Interviewing

•  Cross Cultural Psychiatry

•  Forensic Psychiatry and Ethics

•  Emergency Psychiatry

•  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

•  Journal Club

•  Grand Rounds/Visiting Lecture Series



•  Major Syndromes

•  Geropsychiatry

•  Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

•  Neurobehavioral Science

•  Group Therapy

•  Family/Marital

•  Therapy

•  Psychiatric Manifestations of HIV Disease

•  Psychological Testing

•  Journal Club

•  Grand Rounds/Visiting Lecture Series

•  Other Selected Courses



•  Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Continuous Case Seminar

•  Psychotherapy Seminar

•  Cognitive Therapy and Case Conference

•  Student Mental Health Services Case Conference

•  Advanced Journal Club

•  Stress Management and Hypnosis

•  Research Methodology and Statistical Techniques

•  Senior Residents' Experiential Group

•  Grand Rounds/Visiting Lecture Series

•  Other Selected Courses



•  Specialized Seminars

•  Independent Research