Grand Rounds

Ongoing faculty development is a core component of the ACGME’s Common Program Requirements.  To help address institutional and program needs in this vital area, GME sponsors a monthly Grand Rounds session.  The series is coordinated by the GMEC Training & Development Subcommittee.  These hour-long presentations are designed to provide program directors, core faculty, program coordinators, and staff with ongoing development in their roles as educators and leaders in GME.  The series has been incredibly well received by all attendees!   If you would like further information, or potentially are interested in providing a talk, please contact Sylvia Bush, GME Program Manager, at

Below is the list of AY 2019-2020 presentations:




September 2019

Your Role in Preventing Harassment and Supporting Survivors

Susan Hamilton, MA ED; Matthew Marino, MA; and Kerry Camerer, MSW, LSW

October 2019 The Art (and a little Science) of Applicant Interviews David Cennimo, MD

Below is the list of AY 2018-2019 presentations:




September 2018

Empowering Educators to Mitigate Unconscious Biases: Awareness to Action

Maria Soto-Greene, MD; Manasa Ayyala, MD; James Hill, PhD

October 2018

Making Performance Review Epic

Kristin Wong, MD

November 2018

Gender in Medicine: Beyond the 50/50 Matriculation Stats

Kathleen Beebe, MD

December 2018

The Power of One Resident – Advocacy: A Means to Improve Health

Christin Traba, MD

January 2019

Approaches to the Recruitment and Selection of Diverse Residents

John P. Sanchez, MD

February 2019

Squeezing Blood from a Stone: Operating an Effective Competency Committee

Daniel Matassa, MD

March 2019

Transgender Care in the Academic Medical Center

Jonathan D. Keith, MD

April 2019

Meeting the New 2019 Common Program Requirement: Teaching Residents How to Discuss Goals of Care

Anastasia Kunac, MD

May 2019

Competency-Based Education: The UME to GME Continuum

Sangeeta Lamba, MD

June 2019

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Integration into Resident Education

Maureen Gang

Below is the list of AY 2017-2018 presentations:




September 2017

Resident Well-Being: Fostering a Healthy GME Learning Environment

Neil Kothari, MD

October 2017

Incorporating Feedback into Your Daily Routine

Christin Traba, MD

November 2017

Improving Quality Improvement: Implementing a Resident-Driven Longitudinal Quality Improvement Curriculum

Alex Tentler, MD

December 2017 Evolution of Duty Hour Restrictions

Devashish Anjaria, MD

January 2018 Resident Remediation: What To Do When It Doesn’t Come Easy

Tiffany Murano, MD

February 2018

MedEdPORTAL: Promoting Diversity through Educational Scholarship

John P. Sanchez, MD

March 2018

Team-Based Learning (TBL) Methodology in Graduate Medical Education

Mirela Feurdean, MD

April 2018

The Learning Curve and Procedural Competency: Better than the Minimums?

Michael Vosbikian, MD

May 2018

Strategies for Planning and Executing an ACGME Self-Study

Anastasia Kunac, MD

June 2018

Professional Development for the 21st Century: Mindset, Grit & Self-Compassion

Franz Smith, MD

Below is the list of AY 2016-2017 presentations:




September 2016

Graduate Medical Learning - It’s Not Just Powerpoint Anymore

Michael Shapiro, MD

October 2016

Management and Leadership 101

Harsh Sule, MD

November 2016

Ensuring Resident Success - How Can Programs Prevent Bad Outcomes?

Michal Gajewski, DO

December 2016

Implementing Research in Busy Residency Programs

Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD

January 2017

Emotional Intelligence in Graduate Medical Education - (A Talk about Feelings)

Valerie A. Fitzhugh, MD

February 2017

Applying Adult Learning Theory and Learning Styles in Residency

Kristin Wong, MD

March 2017

No Session

Match Day

April 2017

International Electives for Residents: Opportunities and Barriers

Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD

May 2017

Can You Juggle? Coordinating Teaching Rounds

Michael Giuliano, MD

June 2017

Empathy in Residency and Fellowship Training

Rashi Aggarwal, MD

Below is the list of AY 2015-2016 presentations:




September 2015

Apology: Authentic and Otherwise

Stephen R. Baker, MD

October 2015

It’s the Money That Matters: An Introduction to GME Finance

Neil Kothari, MD

November 2015

Effective Mentoring: There’s Someone for Everyone

Valerie Fitzhugh, MD

December 2015

Leadership Through Dialectic

Stephen R. Baker, MD

January 2016

Evaluations: What Are They Good For?

Lorraine Fugazzi, MBA MSHP-Ed

February 2016

Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques for the Millenial Generation

Christine Gerula, MD

March 2016

Selecting the Right Resident, Or Is the Match Nothing But a Crap Shoot?

Keith Cook, DPM

April 2016

Fatigue: Requisite for Being a Physician?

Van Le, MD

May 2016

Detecting Signs of Suicidal Crisis in Residents

Shane Owens, PhD

June 2016

The Art and Science of Conflict Management

Charles Prestigiacomo, MD