The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the nation’s oldest and largest independent, student-run organization. SNMA is dedicated both to ensuring culturally sensitive medical education and services, as well as increasing the number of African-American, Latino and other students of color entering and completing medical school.

Please look out for flyers and e-mails advertising upcoming events. If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in joining and/or working with the SNMA, please e-mail us: njms@snma.org or look us up on Facebook today!: NJMS- SNMA (Student National Medical Association).




The Student National Medical Association of New Jersey Medical School

2018-2019 Executive Committee:


Co-President Co-President Vice President Treasurer
ODACE Headshots and Group-023
ODACE Headshots and Group-022
ODACE Headshots and Group-024
Alaba Sotayo
NJMS, Class of 2021
Breta Osei-Bonsu
NJMS, Class of 2021
Yvelande Cajuste
NJMS, Class of 2021
Crystal Diaz
NJMS, Class of 2021
Secretary MAPS Liaision Event Coordinator Event Coordinator
ODACE Headshots and Group-012
ODACE Headshots and Group-027
ODACE Headshots and Group-021
ODACE Headshots and Group-025
Monique Sterling
NJMS, Class of 2021
Darius White
NJMS, Class of 2021
Britney Wilson
NJMS, Class of 2021
Murka Jeancharles
NJMS, Class of 2021

MAPS Liaison

The MAPS Liaison shall serve as a connection between the SNMA-NJMS chapter and the MAPS-RU-NWK chapter. The MAPS Liaison shall facilitate open communication between SNMA and MAPS. The MAPS Liaison shall attend at least one general body meeting hosted by the MAPS chapter, each semester. The MAPS Liaison shall develop socials for SNMA and MAPS chapters at least once per year.